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2022 World Broomball Championship Team Registration + 16 Banquet Tickets

2022 World Broomball Championship Team Registration + 16 Banquet Tickets

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Team Registration = $1500.00
Banquet Tickets x 16 = $960.00
Total Registration = $2460.00


  1. All teams must register through the online registration to be accepted into the competition categories in the 2022 World Broomball Championships. No entries will be accepted by the 2022 Host Committee or by mail.

  2. Competition Categories for the event are:
      1. Men
      2. Women
      3. Mixed
      4. Men's Masters
      5. Women's Masters

  3. We are trying to have a Women's Masters category. By registering in the Women's Masters Category, you acknowledge and accept that if this Category does not fill up to a minimum of 8 teams, the teams will be placed in the Women's Category which is also no body contact.

  4. Women’s, Mixed & Masters Categories are non contact
    Masters Category, 40 years of age or over on or before the commencement date of the tournament

  5. Cost for Registration for the 2022 event is ONE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS ($1,500.00 CAD) for teams using Host Hotels and TWO THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS ($2,500.00 CAD) if teams choose to stay at other hotels. This will be strictly enforced and monitored by the local accommodating committee.
    Host Hotels is displayed on the IFBA web site.

  6. No team will be accepted until the funds clear the IFBA account.

  7. Teams withdrawing from the event after June 30th, 2022 forfeit their registration fee.

  8. IFBA competition policy requires Minimum Team roster to be 16 players. Teams arriving with fewer players will not be eligible to participate. This rule is in the best interest of the teams for the safety of players due to the amount of games played over the 5 full days of competition. Any deviation from this should be directed to the IFBA for their approval.
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